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Postcode Location:     5011                                Closest Capital City:   10kms NW of Adelaide

Contact:  Phone (08) 8345 4214                            Address:  Woodville South, SA  5011 

Details:   Double horse floats for hire.

Confirmed 2010


JG Goldner
Postcode Location:     5044                                Closest Capital City:   15kms SW of Adelaide

Contact:  Phone (08) 8295 3486                             Address:  8 Margaret Avenue, Somerton Park, SA  5044 

Details:   Horse transport - local and interstate (Melbourne, Sydney).

Confirmed 2010


Adelaide Horse Float Hire
Postcode Location:     5163                                Closest Capital City:   30kms S of Adelaide

Contact:  Phone 0413 316 691                               Address:  Morphett Vale, SA 

Details:   Double horse float for hire.

Confirmed 2010


Mt Barker Hire
Postcode Location:     5251                                Closest Capital City:   35kms SE of Adelaide

Contact:  Phone (08) 8391 0500                             Address:  17 Oborn Road, Mt Barker, SA  5251 

Details:   Double horse float for hire.

Confirmed 2010

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